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Tinderbox Radio is currently in morph mode between a weekly radio show and an online space for creative media goodies. Stay tuned for more! Get over and join the new page. And check out the Arts Atlas for arts news by Amy and other local folk.

The Tinderbox ran for three years as a community radio show broadcasting from Ballarat, Victoria, and available as an online stream. Thursday night from 6-8 pm Amy Tsilemanis and friends shared an eclectic mix of funk, soul, folk and more, themed extravaganzas, arts news and creative guests. Please enjoy the archived interviews, reviews, readings, films, images, and news on this site.

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Or watch a little film we made here x

24 Feb 2011, 6:27pm
by billy honger


listerning live here in detroit, USA!

wow… 23 years after Patrick did 3BBB’s first ever live to air in 1988, he’s back!… Great stuff Tinderbox!

The stream is on ly 32 seconds behind the FM version… pretty good eh?!

Nice. Enjoying the french sounds!

hey, how was the kills?

hi i am casey tosh prolific painter putting a show together with a international photographer Aldona kmiec and would like to know if we both could get on the show some time the show opens dec 2nd 2011

17 Nov 2011, 7:06pm
by Mr. Pseudonym


WOW, That Birahny Lawrence is really awesome. Keep up the good work Jade and the gang.

Alright the Reverend! Just what the doctor ordered on a cold Dublin morning.

Hello! I meant to follow it up with some Jed Pickett and forgot!! next week : )

Was that Birahny who played first on the Balcony show?? What a beautiful voice! Loved her! Are those recordings available anywhere?

Hi Mark,
Yes it was, she’s great. There are a couple of old songs on her myspace but the balcony show was recorded too so I’m hoping we’ll be able to put out a recording of some of the songs! Will keep you posted. Cheers, Amy



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